Dr. Husam Al-Qusous

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About the Doctor

Dr. Husam Al-Qusous started his professional career in 1982 and specialized in orthopedic surgery since 1989 in Moscow, where he worked extensively in conservative treatment for back, neck, joint and knee pain.

Dr. Al-Qusous worked with Professor Elizarov and gained his experience in elongation of long bones using Professor Elizarov's method during his tenure in a private hospital in Jordan.

Dr. Al-Qusous also practiced at Al-Hadi Hospital, Kuwait as an orthopedic surgeon for 25 years, and was appointed as the Head of Orthopedic Surgery for 18 years. During his tenure, he had the opportunity to work as an affiliated physician with Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, U.S.A .

He is currently at Jarallah German Specialized Clinic as the Head of the International Orthopedic Unit.


  • Ph.D. Degree in Medicine, Moscow, Russia
  • Master Degree in Orthopedic Surgery, Moscow, Russia
  • Bachelor's Degree in General Medicine and Surgery, Moscow, Russia

Specializing In

Hand Surgery Pediatric Orthopedic Consultation Back Problems Wrist Problems Sport Injury Read More Less
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Licenses / Permits

  • Ministry of Health in Kuwait

Professional Memberships

  • Kuwait Medical Association

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic
  • English