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Dietitian is a medical expert that deals with the essential human nutrition and the regulation of diet for a healthy life style. A dietitian provides valuable advises to people on what to eat at different meal timings in order to achieve a specific health-related goal and also providing consultations for cholesterol, allergy consultation, diabetes consultation, digestive problem, weight loss consultation, meal plan and more. A registered dietitian is a professional who meets the requirements that include a complete bachelor’s degree with an accredited nutrition prospectus, highly satisfactory performance in the assessments; an internship at an approved health care facility, and food service organization. Here at Doctoruna, you can easily access the best and expert Dietitian in Kuwait City, specialized in handling hunger related problems, and maintaining balanced diet for a healthy life style.

Diseases treated by Dietitian:
Cholesterol / Lipids Checkup - Lactose intolerance - Glucose intolerance - Cardiovascular (heart) Disease - Children Nutrition - Sports Nutrition - Obesity - Breastfeeding - Child Obesity - Bodybuilding - Pregnancy - Weight Management - Allergy Consultation - Digestive Problem - Hypertension diet planning

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